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How it works

Using Zup! App is really easy. Create your account, capture the moment or select one of photos from your phone and share, publicly or with your friends. Let your friends answer you the same way - with corresponding photo!


Create unique Zup!

Chose if you want to use existing photo or make new one, right away from the App. Name the challenge, Select desired Filters and sticker and you are ready to go!


Be the first one to answer Zup!'s from all over the world

Saw something interesting? Answer that Zup! with your own photo and make unique reaction to the challenge provided.


Share the Zup! App with your friends or publicly

You can share your Zup! with all friends you have over the app. You can publish it publicly so that every other creative person around the globe can see it and answer it. Keep sharing!

Amazing Features

Zup! App empowers you to use simplest and most interesting way of communicating with your friends and people around the globe, using creative photos.

Safe to use

Your data is safe with our sharing platform. You choose if you want to share your creativity and lifestyle photos publicly, or only with your friends.

Unique angle

Our app is based on simplest and modern way of communication between friends and persons around the world. Choosing right photo could determine you opinion, your attitude and even unique and creative lifestyle.

Perfect photo

You can use your unique photos or even enchant them with plenty of filters and stickers available in the app.

Lifestyle sharing

This way, you can now be able to better understand your friends and persons around the globe. Knowing what they like and what are they favorite topics in life, can help you find your soul mate or even help in becoming even more creative.

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You can download Zup! App from all major stores, Apple App store, Android Play Store and HiApp Huawei store

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